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How we work:

Conner Affiliates, Inc. is a national provider of commercial and investment mortgage products. For loan requests between $50,000 and $5,000,000, we can guide you through the elaborate commercial mortgage process for your investment properties. When you contact Conner Affiliates, Inc., one of our financing experts joins your team. They will provide you with the financing expertise and will also do the specialty work of dealing with the lenders and facilitating all aspects of the entire transaction.

We shop based on your needs to find the best rates and terms.

We work for you, the borrower. We have national financiers and local community financing partners who are always looking to do various types of financial transactions. Our job for you is to find the best match on what best fits your unique situation. We want you to be positive that the deal we find for you is the best one available anywhere.

We save clients time and money:

Conner Affiliates, Inc. has crafted a business that uses the best of traditional financing and has integrated many improved ways of doing business. We have combined financing expertise and internet-based technology to save our clients both time and money. We save time by going directly to the source and use our knowledge and business volume to save the client money.

Conner Affiliates, Inc.
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130 West Lancaster Ave.
Shillington, PA 19607
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Phone (610) 796-3130

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