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Are you a licensed Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Broker?
Do you need help finding commercial financing for your client?

At Conner Affiliates, Inc. we are in regular contact with our network of agents and brokers to assist them in servicing their commercial, investment and small business clients. You may be in a situation where your workload has become unmanageable. Maybe you have expertise in areas outside of commercial investing and you are reluctant to take on commercial investors as clients. We are available to help you serve your clients in a manner that will ease your burden and make your clients' transactions proceed smoothly to closing.

Conner Affiliates, Inc. is a great partner to have in the commercial, investment or small business market. We enjoy helping you satisfy your client's needs. We are happy to provide our skills and expertise to process and close your commercial transactions. We provide a means to work together so everybody profits, especially your client who gets the best terms available for their transaction as well as extraordinary service.

Required Forms For New Purchase
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Required Forms For Small Business Loans
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Required Forms For Refinance
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Let's start by discussing your transaction.
Call us at (610) 796-3101 or click here to get started.

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