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Please Note:

  • Assisted Living Facilities and Adult Congregate Living Facilities — these facilities require state licensing.
  • Auto Service — any kind of engine repair service or paint and body shops.
  • Bowling Alleys, Skating Rinks, and Golf Courses will not be considered.
  • Bed and Breakfast — usually a converted estate home. Borrower must live in B&B as their private residence.
  • Non-Contiguous Properties — must all be located within the same county.
  • Gas Stations — no gas stations with or without convenience stores.
  • MHP/RV Parks — valuation will include pads (i.e., land) and permanent structures (e.g., single-family residence or multi-family units).
  • Heavy Industrial — heavy machinery, heavy manufacturing, and/or heavy assembly operations.
  • Student Housing — residents sharing common facilities (i.e., bathroom/kitchen) are Tier III units, traditional multi-family (i.e., no common facilities) are Tier I.

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