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Automotive is a somewhat broad category and encompasses a variety of uses that support the automotive segment. Included within this category are auto repair shops, used car lots, quick-lube facilities, tire repair shops, etc. The type and size of building will vary with the use. Many buildings are designed specifically for the auto trade characterized by overhead doors, car lifts and usually a small office area.

Flagged Hospitality
Hotels with national franchise affiliation are considered "flagged." Hotels must be in good standing with their affiliated franchise to maintain this tier.

Funeral Home
Funeral homes include those used for viewing purposes as well as those that include embalming services.

Where the principle structure is designed for manufacturing processes, heavy assembly or involves the use of heavy machinery. It contains an average amount of office space commensurate with the quality of the building and the intended use. Their heavy frames, walls and floors, specialized manufacturing processes and power or utility service characterize industrial facilities.

Rooming House
Rooming houses are similar to that of multi-family but the nature of the occupancy is more transient. Rooms are rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and usually only include a bedroom. The residents share the bathroom and the kitchen. Rent paid usually includes all utilities and units may be furnished. Most rooming house properties contain less than 20 units.

Available Financing Based on Credit Scores for Tier III Properties

  • 80% financing for A credit borrowers (680+ middle credit score)
  • 75% financing for A- credit borrowers (679-640 middle credit score)
  • 70% financing for B credit borrowers (639-580 middle credit score)

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