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Day Care
Day care centers are early childhood, handicapped, adult, and senior care facilities, or developmental centers such as kindergartens, nurseries, or children's pre-schools. They have light kitchen facilities, activity rooms and multiple rest rooms, and are more residential in character than schools.

Health Care
Included in this category are all assisted living or nursing home types of operations where a license is required to operate the business. Quality and service levels vary considerably. Also included in this category are hospitals and medical treatment facilities, such as outpatient care or walk-in emergency medicine.

Restaurants are constructed for the purpose of the preparation and sale of food and/or beverages, which include cafeterias, bars, and taverns, where design is of restaurant type.

RV Park
RV parks are those that are designed for recreational vehicles. These may include mobile home pad rentals but will be considered an RV park if 25% or more of the total park is for RVs. Transient type occupancy is common.

Unflagged Hospitality
Hotels or motel properties with no national franchise affiliation are considered "unflagged." "Mom and Pop" style operators typically run these types of facilities and the quality and level of service varies considerably.

Available Financing Based on Credit Scores for Tier IV Properties

  • 75% financing for A credit borrowers (680+ middle credit score)
  • 70% financing for A- credit borrowers (679-640 middle credit score)
  • 65% financing for B credit borrowers (639-580 middle credit score)

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